Cilia colored



Within the framework of PCD-UNIBE, various research projects are being conducted on primary ciliary dyskinesia , on the analytics of PCD, but also on fundamental questions about the mucociliary clearing mechanism, the movement of cilia and their ultrastructure. The basic research is carried out in close collaboration with the Institute of Applied Physics of the University of Bern.



Studies on PCD diagnostics


Studies on the epidemiology of PCD


Studies on the structure of cilia and their motility


Studies involving cilia analysis


Ongoing projects: Motility analysis

In collaboration with the Institute of Applied Physics, we are developing new software tools ("Cilialyzer") for the analysis of cilia movement. Thereby, novel approaches allow the determination of the efficiency of the cilia beat on the mucociliary cleansing mechanism. This serves an even more objective and functionally very direct detection of the basic problem in sufferers with PCD.